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Aircraft Cabin & Connectivity Innovations

The current MEKCO Group repair facility has roots going back to AVICOM International, the pioneers of in-flight entertainment. Over the years, AVICOM International changed names several times and in the process, grew from two technicians in a van, to a 20,000 square foot FAA repair facility with over 100 employees. What remained the same over the years was the dedication to provide excellent service, integrity to provide the best value to the customer, and the commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

MEKCO Group continues that same dedication from the ownership to its employees. We bring over 30 years of experience with In-Flight Entertainment equipment repairs and service. Over the years services and products have expanded to include galley equipment, cabin equipment, new product offering such as wireless WiFi systems, connectivity, digital media and audio plug & play components, making MEKCO Group the choice for all your in-cabin needs. We have recently added Line Maintenance capabilities for your aircraft needs from our MEKCO Aircraft Maintenance division. Services include A Checks, Line Checks, Hanger Services, and Flight Mechanics.

You can rely on the quality and professionalism our staff provides to each of our valued customers.
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