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Aircraft Cabin & Connectivity Innovations

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AirFi LEO adds the most desired, in-flight connectivity (IFC) to the AirFi Wireless IFE product family. With this innovative connectivity solution, AirFi LEO delivers an enhanced passenger experience as an extension to AirFi’s award-winning platform.


  • AirFi invented the Portable Wireless IFE in 2014. Since then passengers on 80 airline worldwide on a daily basis enjoy a cost effective, highly entertaining platform by BYOD. 

  • The passenger benefits from live visibility of destination information, remaining connected with loved ones and access to the latest news on their mobile devices.

  • AirFi LEO provides fast-installable, lightweight, connectivity over the Iridium L-Band Satellite Network. With the simple, overnight addition of AirFi’s patented window antenna technology, AirFi LEO adds no more than 1.5 lbs per single-aisle aircraft.

  • As with every AirFi system, we deliver a standard instant fleet-wide deployment. AirFi LEO is flexible and cost-effective IFC solution, as it requires no STC and can be installed over-night.

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LEO Antenna operates on real time connectivity

The LEO system allows passengers to send messages from the web application via their PED to recipients on the ground using WhatsApp, messages, and emails without attachments.  All the while their recipients can respond back in real time, always in communication.

  • LEO provides a low cost solution with clear benefits for airlines.

  • No outside antenna needed and no drilling

  • Less than 0.5kg additional weight

  • Flight Deck information

  • Maintenance Information

  • Light Weight, No Fuselage installation, Overnight Installation

  • Connected and powered via our AirFi wireless box


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