MEKCO Group are experts in providing in-flight entertainment and connectivity solutions while specializing in the maintenance, repair, overhaul and exchange of component equipment within these areas:

W6000 (New IFEC Wireless Streaming Solution)
  • 5 Functions in 1 Box – Cabin Installed
  • Crew Management Terminal
  • Media Server
  • Wireless Dual 4G Modems
  • Media Loading Station
  • Built in PRAM
  • Less Power Consumption, Less Weight
  • MTBF >35000H
  • Portable & Affordable
  • Scalable - WiFi to Satcom
Digital Media Reproducer (DMR)

Digital media reproducer replaces legacy tape players like Panasonic, TEAC, Sony and Rockwell Collins.

  • Easy Plug & Play digital solutions
  • Replaces Hi8 tape players
  • Linux based OS
  • SSD hard disk storage
  • Supports: MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI and TS
  • USB 2.0
  • Touch screen and keyboard
  • User-friendly GUI interface
  • Hollywood DRM approvals
  • Easy play list editing

Plays emergency, pre-recorded announcements and background music selections.

  • High capacity storage for extended playing time
  • Variety of flight modes
  • High definition display
  • Touch screen and keyboard operation
  • User friendly Interface

Quick access voice recorder is a 4 channel system designed to simplify installation and location on-board the aircraft.

  • Advanced digital audio process technology
  • High fidelity, long MTBF
  • Easy access and on ground playback
  • User-friendly interface
  • Encrypted data and erase protection
  • Built-in testing

Provide a superior in-flight entertainment experience with a Smart LCD and wireless connection.

  • Available in 9", 10.1" or 15"
  • Android 4.3 platform
  • BITE function and Watchdog monitoring
  • Remote management
  • Real-time error reporting
  • Local storage for over 200 HD hours of content
  • Provides USB power charging to PAX
  • Optional integration to W6000 W-IFE system
E-MAX **currently in development**
  • Easy Plug & Play digital solution
  • All in one box: PSCU, DMR, Moving Maps and wireless streaming solutions
  • Upgrade and enhancement to existing system(s)
  • Replaces legacy Rockwell Collins PSCU
  • Minimizes LRUs, less power consumption and lighter weight
Additional Capabilities
  • Overhead Distributed Video
  • Smart LCD Monitors
  • In-Seat Video
  • CNSU
  • Power Supply Accessories
  • On Board Support as Requested
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Equipment Repair Commitment

The foundation of our quality control management system has been built around years of experience working in FAA 145 repair stations and servicing the airlines of the world.

All equipment provided by MEKCO Group has full traceability to a regulated source and serviceable items are supplied with either FAA Form 8130-3 and/or EASA Form 1 release certification, complying with the latest aviation industry standards. Every item is quality inspected in accordance with FAA AC 00-56. We offer solutions for any aircraft configuration, with little to no modifications and installation in hours, not days or weeks.