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Aircraft Cabin & Connectivity Innovations
Cabin Plastic Components


The SATTO Rapid Repair System enables long-lasting repairs to aircraft cabin interior plastics and composites. Many of these unique solutions take less than 30 minutes to cure, and repaired parts can tolerate twisting and bending far beyond normal usage. Repairs are finished to like-new conditions. MEKCO Group has completed the very first FAA/EASA approved SATTO Repair Center, USA which repairs damaged interior plastic and composite components, saving you 50% over replacement.

  • Fully compliant in aviation industry

  • Ultra-strong and long lasting

  • Industry's fastest curing time with quick TAT

  • Committed to environmental standards

  • On-Wing repairs available

Additional repair services to extend the life of your equipment may consist of cracked or crushed composite skin, skin blistering, delaminating due to water ingress, impact damage, pulled inserts, and chipped or scratched composite skin. With TAT of 10-12 days, parts can be returned to service instead of being discarded or replaced.

  • Seat Trays

  • Overhead Bins

  • Side Wall Panels

  • Tray Tables & Seat Shrouds

  • Life Vest Boxes

  • Arm Caps

  • Seat Trims

  • Seat Back Shells/Shrouds

  • Cockpit Plastic Components

  • Toilet Lids/Shrouds

  • Ceiling Panels



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