Mekco Group

AirFi America

AirFi America, the connected branch to AirFi is now providing the same quality portable entertainment through MEKCO Group.


  • AirFi invented the Portable Wireless IFE in 2014. Since than passenger on 80 airlines
    worldwide on a daily basis enjoy a cost effective, highly entertaining platform by BYOD.

  • Our AirFi platform has a proven track record: fast, reliable and easy to customize.
    Moreover, content & ancillary sales partners around the world work with us to create
    the best IFE experience and generate revenue through the platform.

  • AirFi offers airlines this platform to build upon their IFE experience by selected different software modules to reach your goals: content, advertising, e-commerce etc. The airline remains in Full Control. You know your passenger and your market best, keep it in control!

  • AirFi keeps on innovating as best selling W-IFE supplier: brought Moving Map through ADS-B first into the market. Followed by the only portable W-IFE supplier to be PCI certified! Last year another solution was brought to the market for the first time: FASE (Fully Autonomous Semi Embedded). The AirFi Box remains onboard, powered by the aircraft NO STC and NO crew involvement!